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Chianti restaurant

Chianti restaurant, dinner, lunch and brunch inside an authentic Evoo restaurant!

Looking for a Chianti restaurant? Would you like to enjoy a brunch and taste the real soul of Tuscany? Evoo Restaurant "Al 588" provides a fascinating experience, a regenerating and surprising adventure for foodies. This Chianti restaurant, in Bagno a Ripoli, inside the small tuscan village and resort Borgo i Vicelli, is an exclusive place where the ancient traditions are rediscovered with a modern and innovative touch.
Read our menu and get ready to live your charming experiences. We developed a distinctive way to represent our homeland, the Chianti: a restaurant, in our opinion, has the important job to exalt the simple and natural flavors, following the passing of the seasons, but always rejecting the cliches (like the "Bistecca alla Fiorentina"). We like to focus on a complete range of fragrances recalling the historical bouquet of medieval towns like Gaiole in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, Radda in Chianti, Volpaia, Lamole and Panzano, the perfect base to start exploring the traditional dishes of the entire Italy, using the organic extra virgin olive oil as the common thread between the different dishes.
Choosing only "farm to table" ingredients (and above all combining each recipe with the perfect organic oil, mixing aromas, harmonizing the dish, enhancing its aroma) doesn't mean being trivial, but recomposing the old Tuscan "culinary ars" with new interpretation, including also eventual Italian "raids"(especially for the organic Evo oil) and propose to guests something new, which also bears the taste of the discovery. What about an unforgettable first vegetarian dish or do you prefer a roast game? Book now your Sunday Chianti brunch!
We invite you to read our menu, savor our recipes in a unique and prestigious setting, admire the panoramic view of the hills, the evocative context of the park and garden, the romantic luxury living in every detail. Discover the eternal beauty of Chianti. Spend your dreamlike journey in the enchanted atmosphere of a medieval Chianti restaurant and relais with pool and spa.

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