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Renaissance Tuscany relais

Welcome in our Renaissance Tuscany relais,
a fascinating rural resort

Borgo i Vicelli Renaissance Tuscany Relais is nowadays a charming resort, while in the past it was a historic residence, deeply linked to the daily life of the Florentine society. Its first nucleus, known since 1500, is related to the San Donato Farm, belonging to the Spedale Degl'Innocenti of Florence, an organization still in our days dedicated to the reception and care of the abandoned children. This Tuscan village was built may be as an estate of this Institute, it was governed by a farmer and here lived, as we can suppose, several families producing part of what was necessary to support kids. The name Borgo i Vicelli could mean "small vico" or "small road" or may be it can derive from the archaic word "viec" (pitcher or mug of copper), perhaps indicating the crafts of the family who may have donated the possession to the Hospital ground (cellarers). Another possibility is the derivation from an old Roman villa built on Via Aretina.
As the population of the farm grew, so that the buildings that were the object of enlargements and improvements during Renaissance and until 1800, when the manor house was added to the context. However, what we want to tell you is first of all the story of our passion for an enchanting place, a village that surrounds a prestigious country villa.
After a transitory period of abandonment (with the interruption of activities), the hamlet is returned to its ancient origins and is now used as a countryside accommodation respectful of the original destination.
The renovation project has been an important challenge we faced with a strong respect of the environment: the production of hot water, for example, was entrusted to the solar thermal panels. Immersed in the lush green of the hills of Chianti, a few minutes from the city, in the captivating atmosphere of the olive groves and woods you will find an evocating farmhouse and relais combining familiarity with elegance and refinement.
Welcome to your authentic Renaissance Tuscany resort. Ready to write your pages of this history?

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